Thursday, October 29, 2020


 New item coming up, which might be a gem! They are holding a liquidity event like (check to see how it :rocket::rocket:
White paper:

 Within 1 hour after JON starts trading, it will be used as a value discovery period to limit the maximum amount that each user can hold, especially:
1. Opening time 0-15 minutes: Each person can hold up to 15 JONs, and they can only be purchased by whitelisted users;
2. 15-30 minutes after activation: Each person can hold a maximum of 30 JON, and the whitelist restriction will be cancelled;
3. Opening 30-45 minutes: each person can hold up to 45 JON;
4. Opening time 45-60 minutes: each person can hold up to 60 JON;
5. 60 minutes after opening the door: The amount of JON users can hold will be proportional to the liquidity they provide, as described below.
Whitelist related:
• Designed increase the cost of cross-site purchases for "scientists" and provide benefits to early discoverers of the project.
•How to become a whitelist: Please fill in the form below and answer all questions correctly to become a whitelist.
Google Sheets: