Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tip 1
Make sure that there is refund policy. If so, read carefully the terms and conditions and how to claim your refund should be clearly outlined. If the refund is offered from a reliable source like Clickbank, it is even better.
Tip 2
Do not believe the claims and the potential profit that the seller is claiming. Most products fall short of thew claims. Read the article to see how for a beginner it is impossible to make $500 in 1 day.
Tip 3
Most testimonials you find on the marketing website are false, especially if the product is just released on the market. Beta testers do not exists for most of the products.
Tip 4
Reviews in the majority of the websites are biased and they do not own or have tried the product. They just want you to click and buy the product.
Tip 5
Don’t get blind with bonuses. Most of the time they are garbage!
Tip 6
Check if profit results are listed, see whether they are authentic or not. This is very difficult to get, especially where trading systems are involved, but for Forex Robots it is pretty simple – do not believe the back tests!