Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Boost IB’s competition

We would like to welcome you to our new Christmas Boost IB’s competition.
Take extra advantage of your referrals and win $1200 in Cash by the end of December!
The contest works based on points.
The IB who will earn the most points by the end of December will win $1200,
the 2nd place rewards you with $600 and the 3rd place with $400.
You can enter the competition via the Partner Desktop on

Christmas Booster Terms & Conditions

  1. Any existing or new Introducing Broker (IB)/partner of HiWayFX may participate in the contest.
  2. A partner may enter the contest at any time between December 01 2014 00:01 ECN + 2 and December 31, 2014 22:00 ECN +2.
  3. In order to participate a user must first register as an IB with HiWayFX. 
  4. Approved IBs can enter the competition via the Partner Desktop on myHiWayFX area.
  5. Upon the expiration of the promotion the three partners with 
  6. the highest number of Partner Points will be announced and rewarded.
  7. The following prizes will be given to the winners.
    1. 1st prize $1,200 (one thousand two hundred US dollars)
    2. 2nd prize $600 (six hundred US dollars)
    3. 3rd prize $400 (four hundred US dollars)
  1. A client is considered to be qualified when all of the following criteria are met:
    1. Is a new client with a unique profile created and all documents are uploaded and verified.
    2. minimum deposit is made into relevant trading account
    3. minimum 3 trades placed over a period of the promotion
    4. opening and closing price of the trades in mind shall deviate by minimum 3 pips from each other
    5. no internal transfer may be used to fund relevant account
  2. Qualified clients on Standard NDD account are equivalent to 1 Partner Point. 
  3. Qualified clients on ECN NDD account are equivalent to 6 Partner Points.
  4. A client with multiple profiles is considered to be a single client.
We are pleased to bring to your attention this exclusive offer
which will run smoothly and automatically and be valid only
for our clients who sign up using this invitation link


I_$50 No Deposit Bonus
For this option:
1_Follow the link, register and accept the terms and conditions.
2_Upload your documents by going to -->
and login to MY PROFILE, Wait for them to be verified (normally 1-2 days), 

a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm verification.
3_Go to myHIWAYFX -->
and Open No Deposit Bonus Account.
4_The bonus will be in your account automatically.

The major prerequisites are as follows:
Min 10 lots traded to withdraw this bonus, this bonus is valid for 2 months.
No deposit needed to withdraw.
Both the profits and the no deposit bonus can be withdrawn.

Important Note:
No live chat support will be offered to the applicants of
the No deposit bonus on any matters related to the bonus account opening.
Please send all your questions to

Bonus Dates: – Up to November 30th 2014

II_ Exclusively 1:1000 leverage
For this option:
1_You have to select Standard NDD Account When you want to Open trading account.
2_Select the above leverage.

III_You may have running 40% tradable bonus OR 100%
non-tradable bonus for Standard accounts upon request.
This 40% and 100% will be available at any time even though
there is no information regarding this on the site.

IV_Loyalty points
Needs better incentives: As a part of the HiWayFX will to support its clients,
the Company will credit loyalty points to the clients trading accounts.
These points could be used for trading. No additional conditions apply. 1lot=100 points.

V_No fee on deposits
It will be added to our clients accounts upon request in form of tradable bonus.

VI_Nov 2014 Offer
Fund your account and we guarantee 100$ back on your first deposit.
First 10 trades insured..Good for you if you are begginer or you want to test our platform!

VII_World Rally Forex
Open a LIVE/DEMO Account & Win Cash Prizes
A trading race of Skills, Patience and Stamina!
A total of 4,000$ every month is given to the winners!

VIII_FB Contests
The First FB Contest will be launched on Mon, 17 of Nov
Go to the page and Like Us

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Master Introducing Broker in Romania at HiWayFX
+40 734 277 757

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