Saturday, December 27, 2014

Copy Trading Service For Free

Copy Trading service available to the clients 
of HiWayFX for FREE. 

You can sign up for it at any time and use it for as long as you wish.
This service allows you to follow the trading of some experienced and successful traders.
 It can be fully automated and your input can be brought to minimum. 
 The concept of this service is simple: when an experienced trader places a trade on his account, 
similar trade will be copied into your trading account.
You can follow several traders at a time and create your unique investing portfolio 
 which will suit your needs the best.


1. Register with HiWayFX   -->

2. Upload documents by going to

3. Login to  and navigate to OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT 
to open a Live account.

4. Make a deposit into your trading account by going to

5. Download 6your MT4 Platform and install it.

6. Create an account with

7. Login to your MT4 account and login to your account from there.
- Click on Ctrl + O (or choose Tools -> Options)
- Choose “Community” tab.
- Login with your credentials
-Open a Terminal panel (Ctrl + T)
-Choose “Signals” Tab.

 -In “Signals” tab you will find out the list of available signals. Some of them are available for free, 
some cost money.
- The Balance shown on the picture above is your balance with 
You cannot pay for the signals using the money from your Trading account.
-In order to subscribe for a signal, you have to choose a signal, and then click “Subscribe for Free”. 
If the signal is free, then you click the “Subscribe for “ price for a signal”

8. If you would like to follow a paid signal you have to deposit money to your account first.
- Login to account
- Click on the top right side
- Choose Deposit.
- Choose the way you would like to transfer the money to your account 
When the money is received you will be able to subscribe to paid signals.

9. Then you should agree to the “terms of use of the signal service”, and enter your MQL5 password.

10. Then you will be able to choose the settings of copying trading signals.

Important notes
_When you enable real-time signal subscription — trading operations 
will be copied to your account only after this option is enabled.
_When you use Trusted Execution Token (TET) — the Trusted Execution 
Token mode allows copying trade signals even if the client terminal is 
turned off (will be implemented in the near future).
_Make sure you copy Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

Links to the videos and useful articles
1. Article on How to Subscribe to Trading Signals
2. Video tutorials: MetaTrader Signals Service

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