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Welcome to my blog where you can learn how to trade the Forex Market for free.Just pure learning! It will be of great fun.The top of the page is where your quality education material resides. The material is all created by myself and not copied from anywhere. There is a lot yet to come since there is a lot that you need to learn, and there is a lot that I need to share with you! So please just be patient – it will be worth it.You can judge by yourself the quality of information that I will be giving you in the next pages. So just go now and start learning!

Below is a quick guide of how this website is structured, so you can find what you are looking for fast. Remember that I update the pages every day so either check back often.

In this section you will find quite a long article of what Forex is all about. If you are a beginner, this is a must read. It explains in detail what is required to start trading, what you should do and not, typical traps to avoid as a beginner and a lot of valuable information which you as a beginner must digest and learn prior opening any Forex account with real money.

In this section you will find your road map on how to become a real successful trader couple of months as from today.

In this section you will know the  3 major areas – Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Trading Physcology.

In this section you will find a gold mine of information about the technicalities of Forex. We will start from the very basics covering all the Forex jargon words which you will be hearing every day and we will be taking you up to the level required to finally learn to trade like a pro – technical analysis, also found in this section.
In this section you will see the tips that will help you stay away from crap forex products, which unfortunately the Forex market is invaded with.

This section has a very detailed article on how to avoid being scammed in this ruthless world of Forex. I will explain in detail six tips that you need to look for prior purchasing any products. Even though most of the time you may claim your money back,the time wasted is never returned. You should have used that time to learn how to trade! Read it!

Rumor and rumors of rumors finally took over common sense and fear was at a premium. The VIX soared to a four year high as "sell stocks and ask questions later" became the mood for the day. Rumors about a French credit downgrade and the health of some French banks created a selling frenzy. Forget that all those rumors were denied by all major reporting agencies, when traders are blinded by fear they might believe almost anything. When people trade irrationally there can be some marvelous opportunities for those that keep a calm head and a keen eye. The best way to combat fear is to have a plan that seeks to find moves that are overdone based on reality and to doggedly control your risk. If you have a solid plan that you stick to then fear goes away and you can take advantage of what the market brings you. Jimmy Piersall was crazy and he has papers to prove it and I may be crazy(not endorsed by any rating agency) but as bad as things are (and they are bad) they are not as nearly as bad as yesterday's market action would have you believe. Now I'll admit that some fear was totally justified especially last week but now for many stocks and some commodities, it is getting a little bit silly. I am not calling a stock market bottom necessarily, but at the same time a lot of stocks are ridiculously oversold due to fear and the loss of any rational thinking. When you trade by fear you will make bad decisions.

Fear strikes out and so will you.
The best way to combat fear is to have a plan which includes taking your losses if necessary only so you will have the capital to take advantage of the values that those driven by fear will give you. If volatility is too much for you, stay on the sidelines because if you had a good plan you should be out and you can then wait for...........                                      

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No one knows tomorrow's price or circumstance. 
 I intend to portray my thoughts and ideas on the subject which may s be used as a tool for the reader. 
I do not accept responsibility for being incorrect in my speculations on market trend. 
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