Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trends are Gifts to Traders

Let’s get one thing straight, if the market had a gender it would be female and it would be a very independent female. It does not belong, answer or yield to anyone for any reason. She does what she wants and the consequences taking place by her actions are beyond her reach and care. No matter how close you think you have gotten to breaking her, she will always throw you an unpredictable turn, whenever you think that you can feel safe by her side, there will always be someone else thinking that they are safer but in reality none of you are. The market has one weakness though, she, like most females, is attracted to shiny things.

Things that seem to be sparkling even momentarily draw the market to them, and those glistening peaks are what traders refer to as trends. It is common sense to know that when a trend is occurring in the market, it creates an attractive trading environment. However, what should also be common sense is that much like a woman’s enthusiasm it won’t last too long. A sensible trader knows how to move around a trend line and make a note of the parts that are important because he knows that just because the line is facing upwards it does not mean that it won’t go down as soon as he click the trade button.

Sensible traders are those actually investing time to get to know how the market works and how long her attention span lasts and are the ones who get far. These traders and investors are looking for business, they understand that dealing with the market isn’t just a way of making some easy and fast money, for them it’s work. Worthwhile traders take the time and study the trends, they know past trends and try to figure out any pattern connections of those trends appear again. They know that when new trends appear they should look into other similar trends and what their outcomes where. Successful traders are recognised by one thing, their analysis.

In the online trading industry there are bucket loads of analysis methods, each one fitting an individual trader but all of them push the traders into the ultimate position, the winning position. Failure to grasp or even attempt analysis is a sure loss.

Sure loss occurs to those that think they can take advantage of the market, those that have been momentarily blessed with ‘beginner’s luck’ which is not surprising when they are soon left with less than they walked in with. The market has to be studied if you are ever going to get any praise from her, she is quite unforgiving and brutal. Trends are the only subtle hints or small gifts traders receive in understanding how the market works, they might be brief and they might be long lasting but they are for a fact the most attractive trading environments in forex.

When following trends the trader on investor does slowly develop unconsciously the skill of anticipation, if he or she knows what proceeded last time or during a similar situation they can more effectively prepare themselves of the best way to move forward. That’s why as a trader when the market hands you the gift of a trend one should always use it to their advantage not as a step to their downfall.

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