Thursday, April 7, 2016

Forex VPS and Hands Free Trading

Online forex trading is no longer stuck inside the trader’s computer screen. As the industry grows, trading technology is advancing with it in order to give traders unlimited access to their trading anytime, anywhere instead of forcing upon themselves a routine set of hours which they can work. VPS is one of those liberating new methods. Forex VPS is a essentially a form of service which gives you, the trader, the power to allocate your expert advisors (EA’s) on an independent server that will be running non – stop on your behalf. The VPS ensures that no interruptions will occur with your trading regardless of any motion taking place on your own computer.

VPS is increasingly becoming popular with traders as it provides you with an undeniable sense of liberty. The VPS requires you to have an interaction with your computer up until the setting up process but after that your trading becomes hands free. Even for some traders who are still not familiar or even keen on mobile trading devices, the forex VPS system can connect to your broker’s platform and from there you can either access and work alongside the system or simply just check what is going on with your trades.

Another big issue for traders that you may also have come across with, is that your trading depends solely on an energy source. Whether you are using your home computer or even your mobile platforms there is always the danger that there might be a power cut or you run out of battery unexpectedly and all your trades get lost. A successful trader always has a backup plan, which is why many have turned to VPS because the system will still go on with its daily business no matter how long you may be sitting in the dark for.

Your VPS is a legitimate purchasable piece of software, therefore it comes with all the key security features you would definitely expect and need when it comes to your trade. Systems that are purchased from well established companies or your broker (if its available) are constantly checked in order to make sure that all functions are running smoothly and that all safety measurements are up to pair. Additionally, with the purchase of your VPS some companies also offer an antivirus program fit to debug any issues or Trojans this kind of software might come across.

The trader’s favourite as to why investing in VPS is a good idea is that it can actually reduce your slippage. Slippage can cause a lot of devastating losses in seconds hence its bad reputation. However there are several ways in which slippage can be controlled and one of these is VPS. The VPS as an independent automated service can execute your trades three times faster than you normally would on your own because the order transmission takes place faster as well. Therefore a smaller amount of delay equals to a less amount of slippage.

A solid VPS system can offer you a great amount of benefits whether you are interested in ‘employing’ it full time for full control over your trades or even to still do everything manually but with the difference that it will get done a lot faster. It’s important to do a thorough research before purchasing a VPS so as you don’t lose a great amount of money in buying but also in its work.

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