Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to choose the Right Forex Broker

The foreign exchange market is causing massive shifts in the global financial industry accounting for more than $4 trillion in average traded value daily, with these numbers constantly increasing the need and interest to get involved and catch up with the market is steadily growing as well. Foreign exchange brokerage firms seem to sprout out overnight in immense numbers and traders are simply flowing in ready to take advantage of the financial boom as soon as possible. Because of the increased curiosity amongst people who are interested in starting a path in trading and experienced traders looking to expand their reach, crucial mistakes are made right of the bat because not enough attention is paid when choosing their forex brokers.


It’s easy for anyone to get lost in the rush and to not pay the necessary attention to the forex broker they register with but not being cautious and aware almost always ends up in great loss. The harsh reality is that there is a huge number of brokerage firms that most certainly do not have their client’s best interest at heart and these firms are usually scams that disappear as quickly as they show up and take substantial amounts of funds with them. Which is why to choose the right forex broker the trader or investor has to know that it’s not an easy task in every way and it’s something which comes through extensive research and all details of the choice should be fanned out and studied thoroughly.

There are numerous factors an interested trader or investor should be looking at when going through the multitude of online broker advertisements, one important factor being regulation. As mentioned before there are a lot of false forex brokers looking to scam money from traders and achieve that because the necessary attention wasn’t paid during the choice. When you first visit a brokers website you need to go straight to their regulatory details that are most commonly found in the ‘about us’ section or at the bottom of the page. Each country has its own regulatory bodies so you need to do some research beforehand to know which regulatory bodies you are looking out for according to the location of the broker you are interested in. Along with the name of the regulatory body you must choose the forex broker with a clearly stated licence number.

What an aware trader or investor is looking at next is the list of products and programs the broker is offering. Of course if you are a novice it’s not completely necessary to have your trading strategy completely planned out but you need to have some idea of what kind of trading you are looking to invest in. Choose the forex broker that provides you with an extensive selection of currency pairs, commodities and spot metals and not just the ‘major’ ones, a broad and clear selection represents a firm who is also paying attention to the market. Pay attention to the numbers stated about the margins, spreads and leverage because that is where usually false forex brokers shadow their scams.

Then the research usually ends with testing everything you learnt about the specific broker meaning that you should open a practice account. If so far a broker seems to be checking off on your list you then have to witness how are these things delivered and validated. A practice account is what will provide you with an insight to all the things you need to know and what will basically tell you if this broker is right for you. So far you’ve seen what products are offered, now it’s time to see how. Choosing the right forex broker has as much to do with the technology as it has to do with the services, most brokerage firms provide demo accounts so that is the key to going inside and becoming a virtual trader with that firm.

Take full advantage of every feature of the trading platform, the charting tools, technical indicators, financial news and measure the overall performance. Both traders and investors should also not underestimate the importance of a trading platform’s appearance and if it enhances but at the same time relaxes the user. A demo account will also provide you with access to the brokers support service. The support service is crucial when choosing a forex broker because you are looking for a team of experts that will be able to answer each query instantly and accurately. The support team gives the trader a big sense of what exactly a firm’s actual standards of service are that can make or break your experience in the online trading industry.

Overall, traders and investors must never get carried away with how extravagant or bountiful a broker’s website looks but need to take the appropriate time and the right approach in order to choose the right forex broker.


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