Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Manual of the Forex Art of War

One thing is certain, that the online trading world is a battlefield. It’s ruthless, cutthroat and above all tireless, no matter how much you get knocked down or you come up on top in each round, it will keep on moving regardless. As soon as you make the decision to enter into the arena you have to be ready to fight, you have to understand your opponent, you have to take full advantage of your surroundings, choose your weapons wisely, trust your instinct and above all things learn that you will get stabbed a few times before you start throwing some hits back. This is the Forex Art of War.

Before you enter into any arena you have to at least have some idea of what you are going up against. Picture Forex as an ancient battle in an amphitheatre and you as a gladiator. If you prepare yourself for a bigger battlefield than it is then you will fall short and lose yourself in the narrow space you’ve been given, if you prepare yourself for something too small you will ambush yourself by not being able to use the additional space and opportunities around you.

The Forex Art of War starts with knowing what you are facing. Doing your homework is not enough, you need to study the market, familiarise yourself enough so as when you come face to face with it the picture matches the mental vision you created. You shouldn’t ever underestimate how much any miniscule knowledge you pick up is vital for your survival. The more you know the more adaptable and flexible you make yourself to be, your knowledge of the market, of the trends, of other traders, of the language is what is going to keep a small step ahead and give you the ability to somewhat predict what you will come across into the arena.

Understand that in the Forex Art of War the market is your arena, however this arena is not like any other anywhere else. This arena has the ability to change at any second in ways beyond your control and you have to give up the hope that you can make the arena change to your favour instead start playing around with the idea that all the market’s temperaments can be used in your favour. Its versatility can be always used to your advantage, for example if you notice that the market begins trending up look for opportunities to go long, and the same vice versa, if the market seems to be trending down look for opportunities to go short.

So far you’ve entered the arena you have looked around and prepared your first move but what you need for that first step is the right weapons. Again in the ancient battle scenario you would have to choose between a sword, or a spear, or an axe, a shield the choices are many and the same goes for Forex. In the Forex Art of War your weapons and tools are extremely important and so is the choice. Your weapons are things like your broker firm, is it as strong and trustworthy as a shield? The technology you are using, are your trading platforms up to date giving you access to everything you need for your trading and are they swift and sharp like a sword? Don’t rush yourself into choosing these things, choose carefully and strategically about what is going to keep you on your toes the longest ad what will prevent your fall the hardest.

The hardest thing for any trader to admit is who ultimately their opponent is. Most traders when asked this question will answer that the market is the opponent which is invalid. In the Forex Art of War your opponent is no one other than yourself, this comes down to two reasons. The first reason is that you are who you are up against is because who you are now will always be struggling with the greater vision you have for yourself. Yourself now will repeatedly feel intimidated by the other version of yourself and will try and knock him down as fast as possible. Instead, you should use your opponent to learn from him. Learn from the overconfidence he exuberates in the arena, learn from how fast he draws the sword so as you take longer to attack after, understand what it means to be ready because that will lead to bigger and substantial blows rather than small ones that can cause damage but mostly result in tiring you out.

The second reason coexists with the first by how your opponent, you, will always make rash movements that could ultimately lead to losing the battle. Before your trades take a more serious note you have got to develop your own trading strategy and you have got to stick to it and trust it every step of the way. Adjustments are always advisable but you should never stray too far from the trading path you laid out for yourself because that will lead to sure uncountable loss.

The Forex Art of War conclusively revolves around your ability to hold yourself back and use everything you know to further your benefit and for being the one that comes on top.

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